<aside> 💡 Secfix is 100% remote. We want to make sure that people can enjoy their work at the same time as having the flexibility to work from wherever they want. We want all our team to feel happy at work, be available for their loved ones when they need to and to create a positive work-life-balance.


Here you can learn more about how we work at Secfix.

Communication tools

Here you’ll find all the different ways we communicate at Secfix. This is our bread and butter and helps us stay up-to-date and synced with everyone else.

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Working remotely from Gather

<aside> 💡 First of all, what’s Gather?


Guidelines to help you make the most of Gather:

1. Let’s work together in Gather

On a normal working day, it would be great if everyone logs into our Gather workspace when they’re working - so that it makes our office feel busy and buzzing. It’s not mandatory, but it would be nice - and makes it super easy to create an office buzz, see who’s around, and open up a conversation!

It also doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your desk, or your computer - if you’re not available when someone tries to get hold of you, that’s fine, just get back to them whenever you can.

2. Setting yourself up on Gather

First of all, claim a Desk!

Find yourself a free desk in the Co-Working stations to call your own, and go back to every time you’re in Gather! Use the Claim Desk functionality to claim a desk, by: